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 "Greater public recognition will be critical in encouraging prevention and early intervention and more generally in building support  to meet the challenges of dementia."    

Julie Bishop, Australian Politician
Australia, World Leader in Dementia Research 




Dementia Awareness



People living with dementia suffer a severe decline in mental ability such as short term memory and concentration, communication language and impaired critical and thinking skills and so they need high levels of care to help them cope with their everyday lives.

This course is useful for health care workers and people who regularly interact with dementia sufferers to gain profound knowledge and understanding of their physical, psychological and emotional needs to provide them with the best possible care they can provide for them.


Course Outline

·         The causes and several types of dementia.

 ·       The physical, psychological and emotional needs of the dementia sufferer.

·         Range of treatments and approaches available for people with dementia.

·         Signs and symptoms associated with dementia.

Course Duration

eTraining’s Dementia Awareness course duration is three hours, for more details please do not hesitate to Contact Us


Assessment / Certification
Our range of qualifications are suitable for learners of all levels

Level 2 Award
Awareness of Dementia  


Level 2 Certificate
Dementia Care

Level 3 Award
Awareness of Dementia

Level 3 Certificate
Dementia Care

Level 2 Diploma
Health and Social Care (adults) England – Dementia pathway only


Level 3 Diploma
Health and Social Care (adults) England – Dementia pathway only



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