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Latest News


The Social Care Commitment

What is the Social Care Commitment?

The Social Care Commitment is the adult social care sector's promise to provide people who need care and support with high quality services.

It is a Department of Health initiative that has been developed by the sector, so it is fit for purpose and makes a real difference to those who sign up. Made up of seven statements, with associated 'I will' tasks that address the minimum standards required when working in care, the commitment aims to both increase public confidence in the care sector and raise workforce quality in adult social care.

Who makes the commitment?

Any employees and employers in adult social care can make the commitment. Importantly it's not just for those who are employed in care and support roles, but for everyone in the sector including volunteers. An employer or organisation makes their commitment first, then they are able to encourage their employees and subsidiaries to make the commitment, so the whole workforce is working towards improving quality and raising standards.

How is the commitment made?

Making the commitment involves agreeing to the seven statements and selecting tasks to help put those statements into practice. Tasks cover activities such as recruiting the right staff, having a thorough induction, ensuring a strong culture that values dignity and respect and effective communication. Doing the tasks provides an official record of work done, which can raise job satisfaction and increase staff confidence.

You may look through each of the statements for employers and employees using the links below:



  2015 - 2016 Learner Survey published May 2016

See how the SFA (Skills Funding Agency).The surveys ask learners to rate their satisfaction with various parts of their training provision: click the link  2015 - 2016 Learner Survey to see how eTraining is valued by its learners.



Moodle and Ecordia Mobile Application
Moodle have released a mobile version of the moodle website that allows you to use your learning material while on the move or to revise a previous session. the aptly named Moodle Mobile is available for FREE through the Apple App Store and on Android Marketplace. As well as Moodle Mobile, Ecordia have also released a mobile application that allows you to upload evidence on the move, whether it be a Photo, Video. At present the Ecordia App is only available for FREE through the Apple App Store.

 19+ Learning Loans
You may have heard recently that 19+ Advanced Learning Loans will no longer be available to fund Advanced or Higher Apprenticeships. These changes will come into effect from 1st August 2016. This won’t affect your Apprenticeship and your training will continue as expected.

What this means for you?
Instead of having to take out a 19+ Advanced Learning Loan to pay for your Apprenticeship, your college or training organisation will now be partly funded directly by the Government.

The 19+ Learning Loan is still available for levels 3 and above for a QCF qualification ONLY.


QCF Funding Update 


QCF Diploma funding is only available up until the 31st July 2016 for employed staff! eTraining can deliver QCF courses in Health and Social Care, Children and Young Peoples Workforce, Business Administration and Customer Service.


 National Apprenticeship Week
Now in its nineth year, National Apprenticeship Week is the time when all eyes are on Apprenticeships and it’s all about raising the profile amongst employers, individuals, teachers, parents and the media.


The objectives of National Apprenticeship Week 2016 are to:

  • Increase awareness, understanding and demand for Apprenticeships.
  • Celebrate Apprenticeship talent, skills, achievements and successes.
  • Promote all Apprenticeship levels and progression routes.
The overarching theme for National Apprenticeship Week 2016 is: “An apprenticeship can take you anywhere”


“Great Businesses" are made by apprentices and Apprenticeships lead to “Great Prospects.”

It is about demonstrating that Apprenticeships are great for businesses, personal careers and creating opportunities for both employers and apprentices.