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Guide for new students

When you start one of our courses your first session will be an Induction. The Induction explains what your course will be like, what you can expect, and what we'll expect of you. 


Just fill in a few forms so that we have all your information.

Initial assessment

Take a few short quizzes so we can test your level of ability so we can identify what you need to succeed on your course.

Course information

This will be on Health and Safety, Equal Opportunities, the rules of the course, and what to do if you need help or have any problems.

Planning your learning
Once we have all the information we need we'll plan your learning so that you are on the best course for you, and the training delivery is designed and tailored around your strengths and weaknesses.

What you need to bring with you
You will need to bring the following things with you on that first day.....

  • Proof of identity and nationality
    • Ideally your passport or Birth Certificate.
    • If you're not from the EU then we will need the documents you have that allow you to live and work in the UK.
    • Any proof of name changes, a marriage certificate for instance, if your name and ID are different.

  • Previous qualifications
    • A list of your qualifications 
    • If you have English, Maths or ICT qualifications we'd like to have a copy of the certificates as proof.
    • If you have qualifications in the subject you plan to study with us, we'd like a copy of those certificates as proof.
What happens next

In most cases you'll have one of our staff as your Trainer and Assessor. They will be responsible for helping you through the qualifications that make up your course. 
Our staff visit you at your place of work so that you're comfortable learning in your working environment. They'll deliver the training, plan your coursework and evidence with you, and observe you whilst you work.
You will achieve your qualifications by showing what you know, and showing what you can do; and it's our Assessors who will guide you through the qualifications to make sure you succeed on your chosen course.
Good luck!